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5 Habits to reduce back and neck pain

    It isn't unusual to experience excruciating back or neck pain. We all know how debilitating the pain can get. It has the power to seriously impact the quality of the lifestyle of an individual. While one always needs medical attention to deal with any sort of body pain like back pain, certain ways can help to reduce the pain. Adopting these good habits is always a good measure to deal with back pain and other sorts of body pain. ● No matter what, always ensure to use correct postures. Though the wrong posture can adversely affect under any circumstances, sitting is one of the most common culprits. In almost all major occupations, a great amount of time is spent sitting. Most of us out of ignorance or boredom choose the most incorrect sitting posture which leads to both back and neck pain. Always make sure to sit up straight instead of slouching whenever you are sitting. These small steps can help you a lot in the long run. Also, make sure that you always align your hips a

Have You Know the Warning Signs of a Brain Injury?

A brain injury normally occurs when the head gets hit with a good amount of sudden force. A violent blow to the head is enough to cause a traumatic brain injury. Any object penetration can also be one of the causes of brain injury. Being aware of the warning signs related to brain injury and concussions is important.   Warning Signs of a possible brain injury   Brain Injury can have many adverse effects, the most common being that of psychological and physical effects. The most common symptoms of brain injury are as follows:   ● Unconsciousness-  The level and severity of the traumatic brain injury determine the degree of unconsciousness. The phases of unconsciousness may last anywhere from only a few seconds to even a few hours. It may even persist for more than a day. In such cases, it becomes very important to reach out immediately to a doctor for brain injury treatment. ● Headache- Headache is perhaps one of the most common symptoms of brain injury. A headache may be pe

Blood in your phlegm - Causes & Advice

  Coughing up blood is an alarming sign. But many times, it may not be a serious threat. It is not a problematic sign when you're young or healthy. But in older age, the blood in phlegm is generally a more common cause for concern. Especially if the person is an ardent smoker.   The blood in Coughing differs over time. From Coughing up small amounts of bright red blood to frothy blood-streaked sputum ( mostly saliva or phlegm), the variations are many. The blood usually in the lungs is a result of prolonged chest Infections or saturated coughing.   Things to do if u happen to cough out blood: As soon as you find out blood is coughing, make sure you visit a doctor as soon as possible. It is also important to pay a visit to a doctor if: ●  The person ends up coughing  more than a combination of a few teaspoons of blood ● If there is the presence of chest pain along with dizziness, fever or faint light-headedness. Worsening of breath may also be a reason to pay a visit to