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7 Questions to Ask ENT Doctor

● Do I need an appointment with an ENT Specialist?   Your general practitioner may have a wide range of skills. But there may be certain complications or conditions that require more specific knowledge and extreme precision. ENT Doctors have special training and equipment when it comes to dealing with ear-nose-throat problems. They help to combat diseases and conditions of the concerned areas easily.   ● What should the patient expect from his condition?   You should have an open conversation and address all your worries when it comes to your ENT specialist. This provides you with a bigger picture of what to anticipate. From prognosis to daily life to a variety of other treatment plans and blueprints, everything can be planned accordingly.   ● Is your condition treatable? ENT doctors can treat several different conditions and provide a proper closure. These range from conditions such as allergies, sinusitis, snoring, thyroid, rhinitis and salivary gland-related issues

Heart Problems in Winter Season

Everyone knows winter is the season known for cold and flu. But something that most of us fail to realize is that winter is also known as the prime season for cold weather heart attacks.   According to reports, the chances of cardiac arrest increase by more than one-fifth during winter. And hence taking care of winter health becomes very important. Also, the heart attack of the winter is known to be more fatal than the heart attack of the summer.   A dive into the wintertime risks:   Here are some reasons why a cold-weather heart attack is so common during the winter than all other months combined. And also given below are some tips to help you combat winter health complications.   • Cold weather: When a person is exposed to extreme cold, the body’s automatic response comes down to narrowing the blood vessels. Cutting down on blood flow to the skin is important in maintaining the warmth of the body as it prevents the body from losing so much heat. But for people who have thei

Getting your flu vaccine

It’s the best idea to get an Influenza vaccine before the flu season enters and begins to spread in the community.   There are months across the world that are considered months when flu is the most susceptible. These are the times when generally it is good to be vaccinated with the seasonal flu vaccine. Ideally, everyone should be vaccinated but this isn't always the case.    There is no set time limit for the administration of the seasonal flu vaccine . But there sure are some additional considerations concerning the timing of  various vaccination when it comes to certain age groups :   ● Adults, especially the ones who have crossed the 65 years of age mark or are even older, should generally not get vaccinated with the flu vaccine before the flu season starts to set in. As with time, there may be a decrease in the protection provided. This sets up the need for another unnecessary appointment.   ● Children on the other hand have no such restrictions. They can get vaccin