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The COVID-Cardiac Connection: Everything You Need to Know

  COVID-19 has affected at least 22.4 million people as of June 2022 in the UK. It also took the lives of at least 179,000 people in the country. In addition, it prompted nations worldwide to implement strict measures like fit to fly covid test requirements for those who need to travel to a different country.  Other requirements like the covid 19 antigen test and pcr test became essential to contain the rampant spread of the dreaded virus. Now that more people received the COVID-19 vaccines, the rapid antigen test has become another accepted measure to monitor the patients.  But after diagnosing the presence of the virus, some patients complain about its long-term effect on the body. For example, some claimed that they had heart problems after covid .  To know more about the link between COVID-19 to heart diseases, here are several facts that you must keep in mind:  How does COVID-19 Affect the Heart?  The virus affects your heart condition and circulatory system in sev

What Makes Covid-19 Stand Out from Other Communicable Diseases?

  The sudden rise of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the normal flow of the world. It prompted nations to close their borders to prevent the rampant spread of the virus.  People with suspected symptoms need to undergo a covid 19 antigen test to check if the virus infected them. Taking the PCR test is also necessary to confirm the presence of the virus, especially if you are required to have a required fit to fly test before a flight.  Since covid-19 is a communicable disease , plenty of people thought it was just like the ordinary flu back when the pandemic started in 2020. However, while there are some similarities between covid-19 and influenza , including their symptoms, they also have many differences.  Here are more facts about Covid-19 to learn more about what sets it apart from other diseases:  Covid-19 and Influenza (Flu)  Both Covid-19 and flu are considered respiratory illnesses. However, they are from entirely different forms of viruses. As the name suggests,

5 Reasons You Must Consider Getting a COVID-19 Antibody Test

  The spread of the COVID-19 virus or SARS-CoV-2 changed how the world works. Every nation had to call for a temporary pause in their normal course of life to stop the spread of the dreaded virus that causes a potentially fatal disease. Over 22.2 million people have tested positive in the UK for the virus since it arrived in the country in late January 2020.  Testing potential patients was one of the critical measures implemented in the UK to track who caught the virus. The PCR test became the most reliable test to detect active infection.  On the other hand, an antibody test for covid-19 also became an important tool to check if a person had the virus or developed COVID-19 antibodies after getting the vaccine .  Meanwhile, the government also used the antigen test to check if a person is currently infected with the virus.  If you are still contemplating if you must do an antibody testing to know if you have had the virus, these reasons will help you decide to have th