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Everything You Need to Know About Repeat Prescription Service

Everything You Need to Know About Repeat Prescription Service Are you booking another appointment with your doctor to get the prescription for the same medications? Getting prescriptions for the same medicine can become exhausting. That is why you can now order your medicines through a repeat prescription . What is a repeat prescription? A repeat prescription allows you to get medication continuously for a medical condition. It is an instruction from the doctor that says that you need the medicine repeatedly and can be issued the prescription again without going and seeing him every time. They are different from a normal prescription. Normal prescriptions are the ones that only allow you to buy the medicines once. But, with NHS repeat prescriptions, the medication can be ordered repeatedly without going to the doctor again. How do repeat prescriptions work? You simply have to contact a pharmacy or a General Practitioner surgery and ask them about setting up their NHS repeat

5 Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

5 Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations Influenza vaccines are also known as flu shots that are taken to get protection against influenza viruses. The vaccine helps to protect against three to four influenza viruses that are considered the most common ones. However, before you get an influenza vaccination appointment, let’s look at the top 5 facts about it. 1.      There are two types of Influenza vaccines Trivalent is for people above 65, while quadrivalent is for people aged six months and older. So ensure that you get the vaccine according to your age when you go to a travel clinic in Hackbridge. 2.      The right time to get vaccinated You must get vaccinated before the flu starts to spread in the area that you live. It is also usually recommended to get vaccinated early in the fall before the flu season starts to protect yourself. You can go to a travel clinic in Hackbridge to get vaccinated. 3.      How much time does it take for the vaccine to work? A co

Diabetes: Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

Diabetes: Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis and Treatment Diabetes has become a global disease closely associated with stress, weight, high blood pressure, and genetic factors. In diabetes insulin is either not produced in the amount needed by the pancreas, or the insulin produced is not being effectively used by the body. Read below to have a more precise idea about diabetes and how it affects the health of the people suffering from it. Symptoms The most common symptoms of diabetes include rising blood sugar levels, but other symptoms can indicate that a person might have diabetes. These symptoms include increased hunger and thirst, weight loss, blurry visions, fatigue, continuous need to urinate and sores that do not heal. The symptoms in men and women are a little different than the symptoms in female, meaning low libido, ED and poor muscle strength, while in women, it’s dry and itchy skin with urinary tract infections. Types There are three major types of diabetes, type 1, typ