5 Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

5 Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations
5 Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

Influenza vaccines are also known as flu shots that are taken to get protection against influenza viruses. The vaccine helps to protect against three to four influenza viruses that are considered the most common ones.

However, before you get an influenza vaccination appointment, let’s look at the top 5 facts about it.

1.     There are two types of Influenza vaccines

Trivalent is for people above 65, while quadrivalent is for people aged six months and older. So ensure that you get the vaccine according to your age when you go to a travel clinic in Hackbridge.

2.     The right time to get vaccinated

You must get vaccinated before the flu starts to spread in the area that you live. It is also usually recommended to get vaccinated early in the fall before the flu season starts to protect yourself. You can go to a travel clinic in Hackbridge to get vaccinated.

3.     How much time does it take for the vaccine to work?

A common misconception that after you go to a travel clinic in Wallington and get vaccinated,  the vaccine starts to work instantly; this is not the case. It takes around two weeks for the vaccine to start working and antibodies to develop in the body.

So next time, plan your trip to the travel clinic in Hackbridge accordingly.

4.     Vaccination helps to protect women during and after pregnancy.

The seasonal influenza vaccine helps to reduce the chances of flu-associated acute respiratory infection in pregnant women. Not just this, but many studies show that a flu vaccine protects the baby from flu for several months, even after birth.

5.     The flu vaccine helps decrease the severity of illness.

Many studies show how getting the flu vaccine can help reduce the severity of illness in vaccinated people. So, do not delay and go to a travel clinic in Wallington to get vaccinated at your earliest.

If you still have any problems or confusions, you should go to the influenza vaccination clinic and talk to the doctor. Moreover, if you have travelled somewhere and have caught the flu, immediately go to a travel clinic in Wallington before your condition worsens.

Key Takeaway

You should get vaccinated timely to avoid catching the flu but know about the basic facts to get the vaccination done right.


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