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Medicine Packaging And Augmented Reality: A Missed Opportunity For Pharma Companies

    Augmented reality offers endless possibilities in the field of healthcare. There are umpteen chances in healthcare with regards to medicine packaging and augmented reality. There's an area of Medicine Packaging that needs a thorough visit to understand further. This unorthodox approach to product communication needs to be made a priority. It is one of the easiest ways to enhance patient satisfaction all the while enabling patient education. It also helps people immensely and at the same time, increases customer loyalty. With the ever-increasing reach of smartphones and the applications related to them, there's an unhindered edge of technology, which is getting more affordable by the day.   Instructions for use.   Medicines are the most commonly used in medical practice to promote healing. How to take medications is usually explained in the leaflet or by the medical practitioner or the pharmacist. However, reading product information present on the medication itself is

6 Possible Reasons Why You Have Swollen Feet, Ankles or Legs.

      1.     Oedema Oedema is the medical term that is generally used for swelling when it occurs due to fluid becoming trapped in the body’s various tissues. It generally affects the legs and feet but can also occur in a variety of other body parts such as the abdomen or face.   The other signs of oedema include:   ●      shiny, stretched skin that is spread over the affected area. ●      skin shows signs of dimpling after applying pressure on it. 2.     Foot or ankle injury  Any traumatizing event including the foot or ankle may lead to unwanted swelling. It can also cause swelling in any area of the body. For instance, if there's a sprained ankle where the ligaments become overstretched and lead to swelling of the foot. 3.     Pregnancy Though not much known about, pregnancy can also be the cause behind that Swollen Feet or Ankles Issues. A very well known symptom of late pregnancy is when there's a visible increase in the feet and ankles. This swelling mainly oc

6 Things to Know About Lung Cancer

      1.     Lung cancer can be deadly — but there's light at the end of the tunnel.   Lung cancer has earned a reputation for being one of the most dreaded forms of cancer. But, as more people focus on giving up on smoking there's a ray of hope in the reduction of cases of lung cancer. Also, early detection and treatment strategies have improved over time and the results are getting more and more hopeful. There's a visible lowering of the death rate due to lung cancers.     2.     There aren’t any early warning signs to look out for       In the case of lung cancers, there aren't any visible signs in the beginning. Cough and weight loss are the first symptoms to appear and by the time they appear, it generally gets late. You might also have the feeling of fatigue and severe chest pain coupled up with shortness of breath and other symptoms like wheezing or even coughing up blood. But by the time these symptoms appear, there are chances that they already have passed the