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Essential Vaccines Required for Travelling to India

    Travelling to India can be an exciting adventure. But before your scheduled flight, you need to make all the necessary preparations to ensure that you will have fun during your trip. It includes getting different types of vaccinations for various diseases, including cholera vaccinations, hepatitis vaccinations, and rabies vaccinations.  Aside from these vaccines, you may also get jabbed for other diseases to help prevent contracting different types of illnesses while you are out of the country. So before you pack your bags for your upcoming Indian trip, here are the things you need to know. Types of Vaccines The NHS recommends specific vaccines when travelling to India and other countries. It includes all the recommended vaccines in the UK, like the seasonal flu vaccine and MMR vaccines.  You may also get several travel vaccines free from your GP if the NHS authorises them to administer immunisation services. It includes:   ●      Cholera ●      Hepatitis A ●     

Which COVID-19 Test to Go for in 2022?

    The UK government officially closed all of its free PCR test sites on April 1. It means that those who need day testing for COVID-19 must go to a private clinic to have their tests done for a fee. The government’s decision to implement the Living with COVID-19 plan included a halt to taking online orders for test kits from . However, testing options like Day 2 and 8 tests and day 5 testing are still available for sale in your local pharmacies, serving COVID 19 antigen tests in Wallington.  There are several types of COVID testing available to the public. A proper understanding of these types of tests is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the results. Virus Test Also known as antigen or swab tests , these work by checking if the COVID-19 virus currently infects you. It uses a swab sample extracted from your nose and throat or a saliva sample, which is then placed in the test kit to see the results.  The most common virus test used in the UK is the lateral f

Crucial COVID-19 Updates in 2022

  The UK is finally experiencing a drop in the daily number of people testing positive for COVID-19. As of April 8, 2022, only 333,347 confirmed cases were reported during the last seven days. There is also a significant drop in the number of tests done in the country.  Due to the country’s pandemic situation improvements, the UK government made several policy adjustments for more efficient data monitoring.  There are two main tests done in the country to know the number of people contracted the disease. The PCR test is a laboratory-based test conducted for people with symptoms. Meanwhile, the Rapid Lateral Flow Test, also known as the antigen test , is given to those with no symptoms.  The country also implemented specific day testing requirements during the pandemic’s peak. People from other parts of the world must do Day 2 and 8 tests if they are unvaccinated or from a country on the amber list. Those who want to reduce their quarantine period can ask for a day 5 testing b