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5 Essential Questions About Covid-19 Medication Interactions You Need to Ask Your Pharmacist

   Testing the public allowed the government to develop a solid plan to curb the spread of the virus. After the UK government closed its testing facilities when the cases significantly dropped, people started to rely on pharmacies to get their testing kits. For example, people in south London can get their kits for the covid 19 PCR tes t in Sutton. They may also order a rapid antigen test for faster results.  But because of the emergence of Covid-19 vaccines, more people have become more at ease living in the new normal. However, some questions are left unanswered regarding vaccines and other drug interactions. Here are some of the most critical questions you must ask your pharmacists to know more about its efficacy and how it can protect your further from the virus.   1. What are the COVID-19 Drug Interactions Guidelines?    There are man y undisclosed topics about the drug interactions between WHO-approved Covid-19 medicines and other medications. You may ask your pharmaci