Everything You Need to Know About Repeat Prescription Service

Everything You Need to Know About Repeat Prescription Service
Everything You Need to Know About Repeat Prescription Service

Are you booking another appointment with your doctor to get the prescription for the same medications?

Getting prescriptions for the same medicine can become exhausting. That is why you can now order your medicines through a repeat prescription.

What is a repeat prescription?

A repeat prescription allows you to get medication continuously for a medical condition. It is an instruction from the doctor that says that you need the medicine repeatedly and can be issued the prescription again without going and seeing him every time.

They are different from a normal prescription. Normal prescriptions are the ones that only allow you to buy the medicines once. But, with NHS repeat prescriptions, the medication can be ordered repeatedly without going to the doctor again.

How do repeat prescriptions work?

You simply have to contact a pharmacy or a General Practitioner surgery and ask them about setting up their NHS repeat prescriptions service. Then, send them the electronic version of your prescriptions to avail the NHS repeat prescriptions services and either get them delivered to your doorstep or pick them up yourself.

What are repeat prescription services?

Different repeat prescription services are working online through websites and applications that can be used to order your medicines again. You can try NHS repeat prescription services online or any pharmacy near your home or that you trust.

The pharmacies providing this service now have proper applications and websites maintained to facilitate you when you order NHS repeat prescriptions. You can also check the status of the prescription that you have ordered online. There are many repeat prescription online services that you can find and then order the medicines you need.

There are, however, some restrictions as well when using these services. Children are not allowed to use this service before a particular age limit. Also, this service is not recommended if you plan on ordering the medicines just once and not repeatedly. It is better to use other services to order the medicine once.

Key Takeaway

Online prescription services help avoid the hassle of visiting the doctor again to get the same prescription every time. This service has been created especially for those who require medicines continuously to easily pick them up or get them delivered to their doorstep and is indeed very convenient.


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